Scrabble Attitude

How’s your Q-words-without-U game?

Chicken Shawarma Recipe

All these spices hit just right. This is one of our favorite family dinners.

Node.js Scripting Reference

I like a good shell script. But there are times when I need something more. For example, parsing structured data or working with arrays of objects can get hairy in shell-land. This is where Node.js comes into the picture. It gives me the convenience of quick shell things, plus the programming power of JavaScript. Enjoy.

Huberman on Eliminating the Phone Distraction

I was listening to How to Quickly Improve Focus, a collaboration between Andrew Huberman and After Skool, when Andrew mentioned the following bit. It was too good not to share.

Dad's Boiled Crawfish Recipe

Alongside his fried fish, this is my son and I’s favorite thing that my dad makes.

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