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2021-01-16 Assorted Links

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Passing Input to a Bash Function via Arguments or stdin

From SQL to Java String and Back

Encourage Your Children

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Connect to a Postgres Database and Run a Query From a Bash Script

Connect to an Oracle Database and Run a Query From a Bash Script

Install SQL*Plus on a Mac

My Collection of Useful Bash Functions

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Routines Are Boring, Right?

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Resources for Learning to Code

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Speed Up a Fedora Linux VM on VirtualBox

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Script to Install Latest Hugo Release on Linux and Mac

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Barbell Training to Get Me Through the Day

Selfies in the Road

Mac (Bash) to Windows (Command Prompt) Mappings

QuickBooks Windows Desktop Development Docs

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To Take a Trip or to Increase the Baseline Quality of Your Life

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Things I Like

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