iOS App Shout-out: Contacts Sync for Google Gmail

Contacts Sync for Google Gmail is one of my favorite iOS apps. It sits in the background, silently doing one job, and it does it well.

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The Mystery of the Expired JWT

We recently swapped out the OAuth2 service account in one of our apps. The only config change needed was the base URL for the authorization server, the client_id, and the client_secret (only for the backend service). It should have been easy: For each service, edit the relevant environment variables, then redeploy it. Of course, after doing this, we could no longer log in…

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Michael Levin and John Vervaeke on Free Will and Character Formation

My buddy John Munger introduced me to both of these heavy hitters. First there was John Vervaeke with his Awakening From the Meaning Crisis YouTube series, which I’m still working through and it’s been excellent so far. Then there was Michael Levin with his Lex Fridman conversation on Biology, Life, Aliens, Evolution, Embryogenesis, and Xenobots. His experiments on planarian flatworms are absolutely fascinating.

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Anna-McClain's 1st Birthday

Anna-McClain turns 1 this month. We had a small birthday with family and a few friends from church, a nice and cozy feel. It’s so much fun watching her grow up. She’s turned out to be quite the social butterfly, yet she and Townes are both mechanically inclined. They’ll poke and prod and play with an object until they figure out how to manipulate it. Baby gates and locked doors don’t stand a chance. It makes dad proud.

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Mallory Ervin's Easy Chili Recipe

This is a Fall favorite of ours. We’re actually making it this year for Anna-McClain’s 1st birthday.

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