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# Hugo Themes

  • Cupper – An accessibility-friendly Hugo theme, ported from the original Cupper project
  • PaperCSS – A Hugo theme made with PaperCSS, the less formal CSS framework
  • Cayman – Cayman is a clean, responsive theme for Hugo, ported from the original Jekyll Cayman Theme
  • Vanilla Bootstrap – A vanilla Bootstrap theme for Hugo

# Teaching

  • Make a Hugo Blog From Scratch – In my opinion, Hugo’s current quick start is ample. It does just what the name says, gets you started you quickly. Still, there have many requests on the forums for a tutorial that dives deeper than the quick start, and gets into some templating basics. The thing you’re reading is my go at that. Starting from scratch, we’ll build a Hugo blog.

# End-to-End Testing

  • NightwatchJS Template – Nightwatch is a fun, robust end-to-end testing framework. As with any popular framework, inevitably there are opinions of how things should be organized, and what you should or should not do. This repo is a distillation of personal lessons learned, providing a template to jump start your own end-to-end testing project. It comes with sensible defaults, but you can configure it however you like

# Various

# This Site