Optimize Images and Reduce Page Load Times With ImageMagick

Update: I now use Hugo’s Image Processing feature for image optimization.

Townes' 6 (Ish) Month Photos

Townes (or Townes-man as we like to call him) had his 6 month pics recently. Well he was 7 months at the time, but you know how it goes. Millie makes an appearance too.

Keeping My iPhone 6 Alive Without Replacing the Battery

If you have an older generation iPhone, you’ve likely felt the effects of a lithium-ion battery nearing the end of its lifespan. If you’ve update to iOS 11.3 or higher, apple enables “performance management”.

Default Parameter Values in Java

I’m used to C#, so if I want a parameter to have a default value, it can be done like this.

MacBook Tweaks

Got a new MacBook for work about two weeks ago (macOS High Sierra, 15 inch screen, 16 GB memory). I’ve been a Windows guy most of my life, so it’s been a fun switch. As I was settling in, here are a few tweaks I made so things would feel more homey.

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