Simple Pleasures

Published: Mar 9, 2018
Updated: Dec 22, 2023

I am beginning to learn that it is the sweet, simple things of life which are the real ones after all.
— Laura Ingalls

After watching why small pleasures are a big deal, I started a list of my own. With a bit of passing around to family and friends, here’s what we ended up with.

The original list consisted of just a few. As more come to mind, I add them here.

  1. A haircut
  2. When the hairdresser massages your head while washing it
  3. Back rubs
  4. A head scratch
  5. Folding a t-shirt to have no wrinkles
  6. The pump after lifting
  7. No unread emails
  8. Thin chips and spicy salsa
  9. A hot shower
  10. A clean house
  11. Waking up early
  12. Curling up on couch to watch a movie
  13. Waking up before alarm and realizing you have more time to sleep
  14. An empty movie theatre
  15. Tea
  16. Lemon water
  17. A walk in the woods
  18. Jamming out on a road trip
  19. Board games and cards
  20. Having the family together for dinner
  21. When a shirt and pants fit just right
  22. When a tucked in shirt doesn’t come untucked
  23. McDonald’s ice cream cone
  24. Cold bed sheets
  25. When you walk outside and hot sun hits you
  26. Naps
  27. Playing with your dog
  28. That feeling of accomplishment after a project
  29. When you have nothing immediate to do and can relax
  30. A good book
  31. Hot coffee
  32. Iced coffee
  33. The burn after drinking Coke
  34. Sunrises on the water
  35. Fast boat rides
  36. Watching a fishing cork go down
  37. Sunsets on the water
  38. When your dog gets happy when you first drive up
  39. Drinking water after a run
  40. Full tank of gas
  41. Fountain Coke or Diet Coke from McDonald’s
  42. Cup of coffee at day break
  43. Putting the last puzzle piece in place
  44. All my kids sitting in church on Sundays
  45. Tomato gravy and biscuits
  46. Traditional breakfast of bacon, eggs, grits
  47. Getting into bed after shaving legs
  48. Massages
  49. Getting into bed after a long day
  50. Completing all your work
  51. Acing a test
  52. Someone brushing your hair
  53. When you’re on a road trip and the gas station has clean bathrooms
  54. Going to sleep when entire body is sore from working out
  55. Bite of steak with perfect fat to meat ratio
  56. Walking to car from the office and breaking a sweat
  57. Waking up to a clean kitchen
  58. Getting in a clean car
  59. When everything is prepared for the next day so there is no stress in the morning
  60. Sunday naps while it’s pouring rain outside
  61. Smell of fresh cut grass
  62. Googling a question and answer is first link
  63. When Pandora plays the song you want
  64. Popeyes
  65. Waking up and remembering you don’t have any homework
  66. Chick-fil-A sauce
  67. Yoga pants
  68. Kyle Franklin’s chicken n’ dumplings
  69. JB’s fried fish, boiled shrimp & crabs
  70. Beignets
  71. Sonic ice
  72. Smell of spent brass
  73. Finding a checkout register with no line
  74. Being the first one on the beach
  75. Dancing when no one is watching
  76. Spicy crawfish, corn, and potatoes
  77. Finding a good spot in a packed parking lot
  78. Catching every green light
  79. No traffic, empty roads
  80. Walking in the door and removing bra
  81. When charcoal gets white
  82. Mangos
  83. Peeing in the woods
  84. Finding a solution to a problem you’ve been thinking about for weeks
  85. When you hit traffic and use that time to finish your podcast
  86. Cozy campfire on a cold night
  87. Tightly made bed
  88. Cruising around town at night
  89. Sitting outside, staring at the stars and just thinking about life
  90. A clean shave
  91. The smell of friends and loved ones as they walk by
  92. Cracking your knuckles
  93. Long showers
  94. Soaking in a hot bathtub
  95. When the sun shines through trees while you drive down the road
  96. Making progress on something hard
  97. The smell of fresh sawdust
  98. Peanut butter banana sandwich with glass of milk
  99. Listening to sad music
  100. Chocolate milk
  101. Having all your friends together
  102. When something is cancelled that you didn’t wanna go to
  103. Looking at old pictures
  104. The feeling of exceeding expectations
  105. When a bottle-fed baby burps
  106. Crossing off a todo list item
  107. Watching birds
  108. Enjoying a candy bar
  109. Walking a pond
  110. Crunchy, juicy apple
  111. Building a fire
  112. Licking the brownie batter bowl
  113. Ice cream after boiled seafood
  114. Milk and brownies
  115. That calming, peaceful feeling from being around grandparents
  116. Drinking coffee from a styrofoam cup
  117. When it’s storming, the power goes out, and you light candles
  118. The smell of washed hair by your favorite shampoo/conditioner
  119. Warm towels out the dryer
  120. Fast internet and far reaching WiFi
  121. Listening to someone tell a good story
  122. A baby’s laughter
  123. Silence
  124. Corner nook in a library
  125. The right song for the right mood
  126. Trees creaking in the wind
  127. When a smell brings back a memory
  128. An ice chest with ice-cold drinks
  129. “People watching”
  130. When a document is formatted nicely
  131. Buying and using quality things
  132. Going to the bathroom after you’ve been holding it for a while
  133. Seeing a loved one’s reaction for the first time to something you love (like an experience or seeing a nature sight)
  134. Pad Thai, medium spicy
  135. Changing of the seasons, especially Summer to Fall
  136. Puppy breath
  137. Sleeping in your own bed after being away from home
  138. Sitting outside on a pretty day
  139. When your kid falls asleep on you
  140. Watching squirrels eat
  141. Sitting on the porch, listening to wind chimes
  142. Fuzzy socks
  143. Chocolate milk in an ice-cold frosted mug
  144. Scratching your shins after taking off your socks
  145. Freshly picked strawberries
  146. Frozen blueberries
  147. Delaying gratification
  148. Connecting with someone
  149. Frozen mango chunks
  150. Clear, concise, up-to-date documentation
  151. Looking forward to dinner and savoring it
  152. When you fold your socks and there’s a match for each one
  153. Fetching with your dogs on a beautiful day
  154. When all of your unit tests pass
  155. Playing with your kids
  156. Being wet all day then putting on dry clothes