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NightwatchJS Template

Published: 2020-08-28 • Last updated: 2021-05-03

The following are README excerpts from a repo I’ve been working on. If you do end-to-end testing on your project, check it out, it’s a good resource. And, I’m quite happy with it.


Nightwatch is a fun, robust end-to-end testing framework. As with any popular framework, inevitably there are opinions of how things should be organized, and what you should or should not do.

This repo is a distillation of personal lessons learned, providing a template to jump start your own end-to-end testing project. It comes with sensible defaults, but you can configure it however you like.


  • Sample templates for how to structure your page objects and tests
  • Custom beforeEach and afterEach hooks to do common operations
  • Built-in WebDriver environments for ChromeDriver, ChromeDriver headless, GeckoDriver, and GeckoDriver headless
  • Custom reporting in JSON, XML, and HTML formats
    • By default, Nightwatch generates a XML file for each test file. This repo parses them all into a single, sleek report
    • HTML reports are fully portable, since their CSS is inlined, and their screenshots are Base64 encoded
  • Custom commands
    • Assert accessibility via axe
    • Clear element value via BACK_SPACE keys
    • Get element hex color
    • Get browser console logs
  • Customize configuration via a .env file
    • Set the Launch URL to use
    • Set which WebDriver to use
    • If using WebDriver headless mode, set the browser window width and height
    • Set the output folder
    • Set whether to run in parallel mode
    • If using parallel mode, set how many workers to use
    • Set extra WebDriver args
    • If you don’t want to use the one specified in package.json, set the GeckoDriver or ChromeDriver path