Mawmaw Betty's Milky Way Ice Cream Recipe

Published: Sep 14, 2018
Updated: Feb 20, 2022

This recipe was given to me by my Mawmaw Betty. Her, my Pawpaw Allen, and my dad made this growing up. We’ve experimented with different candy bars over the years. My wife likes it with Twix. But I think Milky Ways still taste best.

Eating a cup of this ice cream after eating spicy boiled seafood always hits the spot.

Ingredients #

Directions #

  1. Take half of the Milky Way bars and melt them in 2 cups of milk in double boiler, or on oven with low heat in heavy saucepan
  2. While candy mixture cooks, beat eggs until softly pitted. Then add sugar and beat well
  3. Add vanilla extract and condensed milk to beaten eggs mixture. Then fold in cooled Milky Way mixture. Mix well
  4. Pour into 1-gallon ice cream maker. Add heavy cream, then additional milk as needed to fill freezer to proper capacity. Usually 2/3 is max capacity, as ice cream mixture will expand
  5. Add a layer of ice around ice cream container, then sprinkle a layer of rock salt. Repeat until ice cream container is fully surrounded by ice. Add ice and rock salt as necessary while the ice cream makes
  6. When ice cream is ready to serve, dice up remaining Milky Way bars and mix them in

Notes #