Kind Words

Published: Jun 8, 2022
Updated: Jun 9, 2022

I’ve collected kind words said to me over the years and stored them in notes, emails, etc., and now a few are documented here.

I hesitated to publish this. Would people think it’s vain? Is it weird to make these things public? I decided to go for it anyway, redacting names and info as needed.

Mark Twain once said, “I can live for two months on a good compliment.” I agree. They serve as a nice pick-me-up on a bad day too.

This is a living doc.

From a coworker, a Developer:

Him: used the ES (Elasticsearch) gen for the first time to handle deleting old case statuses and remapping substatuses. Absolute godsend. The SQL edits were rougher than the ES ones. Love it

Me: aww thank you sir. back when i was making all the manual es edits for everyone, i was about to pull my hair out, so i had to do something

Him: the best programmer is a lazy one and this generator is lazy as hell

Me: lmao

From a coworker, a Database Administrator:

Her: … When we were working on the REDACTED project, I had to go to Nola, and had a talk with REDACTED about when the next bump would be. I specifically told him that they needed to keep you in good standing because you were such an asset to the project

Me: … I came into the company as a tester, so once I transitioned into a developer it was hard for folks to see me as that. That means a lot. Thank you for advocating for me.

Her: I never knew you as a tester. You’ve always been my go-to when I needed an answer or a solution to things. You’re definitely one of the most organized coworkers that I know. I see you constantly working with people on Teams. You are an asset. I wouldn’t blame you if you wanted to look for other opportunities, but I selfishly would want to keep you on our team.

From a coworker, another Database Administrator:

Her: I just went for vacation only 2 weeks. Lol. As I return back, many things have changed.

Me: same ish scenario. was on internal project for 2 weeks. i come back and all envs have issues

Her: Lol .. Zach’s presence in REDACTED is ultimately important… Now, do you realize?

Me: i would like to document and automate my self out of a job lol

Her: Document what is required. You would get a best job you dream of in this whole wide world anywhere you prefer for your potential, actually.

From a guy that opened a pull request on one of my Hugo themes:

Him: Dear Zachary, I just wanted to say Thank you for promptly revising my pull requests and for sharing your beautiful hugo theme in the first place. I recently happened to browse your website and blog, it is funny how many fascinating things there are. Reading it would definitely go in my list of simple pleasures. Thanks again.

Me: Dear REDACTED, Your note has made my day. And thank you for contributing back to the hugo theme. That’s what open source is all about

From an old Project Manager:

The following is a very nice compliment from REDACTED, the Government Technical Lead on the REDACTED project, that was directed to Zack in SLACK:

“I, for one, really value the contributions you made to the team and the project in the short amount of time you were supporting the project. All the best in your future endeavors!”

I heard other comments from Team Members about the great job Zach did. My thanks to Zach for his efforts and to REDACTED for accommodating those efforts.

I would truly like to continue to use Zach, if possible …

From my previous Team Lead during a performance review:

Zach has been a very productive member of the Team. He mentors new team members and responds promptly to technical questions posted by team members in chats as well as during tech tasking meetings. He consistently delivers quality code in a timely manner. Time and again he has demonstrated great troubleshooting skills. He is well on his way as a Senior member of the team.

From an Engineer on the Device Management team of a government agency:

So the engineering and operations team (Me, REDACTED, REDACTED, and REDACTED) were monitoring stuff and someone mentioned “There’s that Betz guy again” and I said, “Don’t you be talking smack about Zach, OR REDACTED! Those guys ROCK!” I love that you guys are the first to respond to any devs that have issues. Honestly, you guys have saved me SO much time over the past few years. I hope we can support you effectively during this JAMF migration. You’re awesome!!

From my LSU ResLife HelpDesk days, a client sent this email to my manager:

Good morning. Just wanted to let you know that Zach has just been here changing out my speakers (old ones had a short in them) and he is a delight! Such a helpful young man with the best manners. I just love having him come over to the complex and into my office.

Thanks bunches for my speakers and for Zach!

Another one from my LSU ResLife HelpDesk days, a client sent this email to my manager:

I’m telling you right now, if you send Zach back over here I’m going to ADOPT him. He was sooooo professional and helpful. I left before he finished, but please tell him Thank You VERY MUCH!!! And thank you too for your prompt attention to my email troubles.

From a classmate in high school World History class:

You are rare. You actually listen to people then reply accordingly. That’s why you’re going to be so successful in your life. Good luck with everything.

Towards the end of the class, we were assigned a “reflections” assignment. You had to write a positive thing about each of your classmates, then the teacher combined them into a paper for each student. I still have a screenshot of it in my Dropbox. It was heartwarming to hear what folks had to say. This one in particular has stuck with me. (I’m an advocate of being a good listener.)