I Asked if You Saw an Issue and You Answered

Published: Apr 19, 2021
Updated: May 3, 2021

Every now and then the internet surprises you.

I recently added a footer link that lets people (with a GitHub account) tell me when something is wrong. I often include code snippets in my blog posts. And while I strive to keep them accurate, sometimes I miss things, or an API has changed since I originally wrote the post, etc…

Well, 13 days after adding that footer link, I got my first bite.

It was not just any issue, either. This person took the time to write a good one. The details included: the post in question, what was tried, the error message, research into the cause of the error message, and an example of what ended up working.

It brought a figurative tear to my eye.

Be like @mambocab. If you see something wrong, odds are you’re not the only one.