Don't Have Flyway Teams? Roll Your Own Version of Output Query Results

Published: Feb 11, 2021
Updated: May 3, 2021

Flyway is a popular database migration tool. They offer two versions, a Free edition, and a Teams edition.

I was using the Free edition on a project. When creating the migration files, I did a pg_dump of an existing database. This worked out fine and dandy, except for one thing…

When pg_dump extracts data, it generates INSERT statements with the OVERRIDING SYSTEM VALUE clause, which allows explicit values into an identity column (as opposed to letting the column auto-increment).

This means statements like SELECT pg_catalog.setval('foo', 42, false) are then needed to set the identity column sequence to its correct value.

Well, these SELECT statements were outputting query results, and making the logs quite noisy. Turns out, there’s a configuration parameter in the Teams edition called outputQueryResults. Setting this parameter to false would have solved the issue. But I was on the Free edition, so I had to get creative.

The solution was to create a temporary table from the SELECT statement, then immediately drop it, so that the pattern could be repeated.

This will output query results:

SELECT pg_catalog.setval('foo', 42, false);

And this will not:

CREATE TEMP TABLE temp_silent AS SELECT pg_catalog.setval('foo', 42, false);