This is my personal website. The opinions expressed here are my own and not those of my employer.

My opinions change from time to time. I consider this a necessary consequence of continuous learning.

This blog is intended to provide a semi-permanent, point-in-time snapshot of the various thoughts running around my head. This means that any thoughts expressed within my previous posts may not be the same, or even similar, to those I may hold today.

I often write technical posts on this blog. They usually describe processes that have worked for me at the time of writing. If I find an error, I’ll fix it.

My technical posts are generally not the only way to do a thing, they may not even be the correct way to do it. They are nothing more than a document which describes how I personally scratched a technical itch, or overcame a problem I was facing.

I cannot be held liable for any damage to your systems, data, or anything else as a result of the posts I create on this blog. The processes I describe within my posts are provided as-is with no warranty whatsoever.

This was heavily adopted from Kev Quirk’s disclaimer because he said it well.