Crazy Johnnie's Chicken and Sausage Gumbo Recipe

Published: Nov 16, 2020
Updated: Dec 31, 2021

This recipe is an amalgamation of a few things: My dad had made some Crazy Johnnie’s BBQ shrimp for a family event. Once I peeled the leftovers, I couldn’t bring myself to throw away the juice because it smelled so good. My wife suggested making a chicken and sausage gumbo and adding the juice in. I had never made gumbo before, but my sister-in-law makes a good one. Between her recipe, and Cajun Ninja’s recipe, this one was born.

Ingredients #

Directions #

  1. Chop vegetables finely
  2. Cook chicken thighs, then shred them (if you boil or pressure cook the chicken thighs, save the broth for later)
  3. Slice sausage thinly
  4. Make roux the hard way, or use Instant Roux Mix (I bet you can’t taste the difference in the end result)
  5. Once roux is ready, add vegetables, then cook for 10 minutes to soften them
  6. Add sausage, Creole Seasoning, garlic powder, salt, then cook for 20 minutes
  7. Add chicken stock, water, Heinz 57 Sauce, Crab Boil, BBQ Shrimp Seasoning, bay leaves, then bring to boil
  8. Add shredded chicken thighs, then simmer for 2 hours

Notes #

Results #

A bowl from the latest pot.
A bowl from the latest pot.