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Cold pasta salad recipe

Published: 2020-04-11 • Lastmod: 2020-04-13

We got this recipe from my parents. They got it from my dad’s mom, Mawmaw Betty. I can easily eat four helpings of this stuff in one sitting.

Ingredients #

  • Box of pasta (penne or rotini) x1
  • Head of cauliflower x1
  • Head of broccoli x1
  • Bell pepper (any color) x1
  • Purple onion x1
  • 8 oz block of cheddar cheese x1
  • 16 oz Zesty Italian dressing x1
  • Tony’s Cajun seasoning

Directions #

  1. Cook pasta, then put in fridge to cool
  2. Dice vegetables and cheese
  3. Add pasta, vegetables, cheese, Tony’s (to taste), and dressing to bowl, then mix