28 for 28

Published: Jun 6, 2021
Updated: Jun 7, 2021

I’m 28 years old this month. It only makes sense to pair it with a list.

  1. When my son holds up the “number 2”, instead of the “peace” sign, he does the “loser” sign. It’s great
  2. I’m more productive when I’m sad or angry. Wish it wasn’t so
  3. Watching a movie or tv show should be treated like attending an important lecture. Get off your phone. Pay attention
  4. I could eat La Carreta chips and salsa once a day
  5. It saddens me how intentional you have to be to start and maintain friendships
  6. As a kid, I thought routines were silly. Now, I can’t live without them
  7. Emotions are funny. They don’t hit me in the moment. But you can bet that 3 days later when I’m driving through town, they’ll come on heavy
  8. Investing in quality tools is worth it
  9. I’m amazed at people who can recall with detail what they’ve read / listened to / watched
  10. Deep conversations with small groups scratch an itch that is seldom scratched
  11. Consciousness is so much fun to think about
  12. The “glue work” people. The people who quietly hold everything together, with indifference to the spotlight. You know who you are. Thank you
  13. Thought I would dislike working from home. Nope, I love it. Longer periods of uninterrupted focus. No commute. Time for chores around the house. Pet my dogs whenever I want
  14. Dark humor takes the edge off
  15. Nothing like a meal to bring people together
  16. Wanna bond quickly? Be vulnerable
  17. The subconscious is a fascinating thing. I can work on a problem all day. Only for a solution to bubble up to me in a moment of boredom
  18. It took me 7 tries to acquire a taste for bubble tea
  19. How do people play video games casually? Either play to win or go home
  20. Genuinely ask other people how you can improve, then brace yourself
  21. Board games are an underrated way to spend a group date night
  22. As a kid, I looked forward to power outages. It meant candles and the whole family on pallets in the living room
  23. Naps on rainy days
  24. Uncomfortable conversations can be the most fruitful
  25. Protect your hearing and eyesight. They only get worse
  26. People underestimate just how much paid software is made possible by open-source software
  27. Cooking, budgeting, and investing should be mandatory classes in high school
  28. My son is in the “why?” phase. Why this? Why that? You’re tempted to feel annoyed… Until you genuinely try to answer his questions. Put your philosopher hat on