Command Line

Convert HEIC images to JPG
Dec 6, 2018 imagemagick homebrew mac command-line

Resources for learning to code
Nov 2, 2018 html css javascript command-line git hugo c# java ruby sql jenkins docker

Run hugo server with custom config options
Oct 25, 2018 hugo command-line

Use Visual Studio Code as your default text editor for Git
Oct 24, 2018 git vscode command-line

Script to install latest hugo release on Linux and Mac
Oct 19, 2018 hugo command-line linux mac

Copy command line output to the clipboard on Mac and Windows
Oct 12, 2018 command-line mac windows

Script to add a page-level variable to content front matter in Hugo
Oct 10, 2018 hugo command-line

Mac to Windows command line mappings
Sep 22, 2018 command-line mac windows

Just enough vi to open a file, edit it, and quit
Sep 19, 2018 vi command-line

Download chromedriver binary and add to your PATH for automated functional testing
Sep 19, 2018 chromedriver command-line selenium mac windows

Make a beep sound when console outputs certain text
Sep 18, 2018 command-line mac windows

Personal docs on the find command
Sep 17, 2018 command-line

Use grep to recursively search for text for a given file extension
Aug 22, 2018 command-line

Aliases in Windows Command Prompt
Mar 13, 2018 command-line windows